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  1. Download, fill in and sign in the blank space the following PDF forms
    • Incarico iscrizione Oxygen 2021
    • FITRI form for foreigners 2021 (available soon) (please don’t take into consideration the amount shown in the form, as it is already included in the social fee)
  2. Send by email all requested documents to info@oxygentriathlon.it, using as subject:
    “Registration FITRI 2021 + Name Surname”
    Documents not yet available at time of registration, can be sent later.
  3. Pay the registration fee by bank transfer to Oxygen Triathlon, for the amount of 95 EUR; indicate the reason of the payment as follows:
    “Registration FITRI 2021 + Name Surname”
    ATTENTION: if it is a transfer from another ITALIAN team an additional ‘transfer fee’ is foreseen, as from federation rules.

In the case of first registration to the club made before 31/12/2020, the athlete who participates in training before registering with the federation (01/01/2021) must be in possession of a valid competitive medical certificate and must be in possession of an accident insurance policy.

Bank coordinates:

Oxygen Triathlon
IBAN: IT97V0100550340000000013369


  • Incarico Iscrizione Oxygen 2021
  • FITRI form for foreigners 2021
  • Copy of the medical certificate that has to be delivered later in original
  • Photo in JPG format
  • Copy of the proof of the bank transfer
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residence certificate

PAY ATTENTION: Registration will be completed only on reception of all documents.